Augustus Lutheran Church

An Historic Church for Today’s People

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In the early 1700’s, immigrants hungry for the promise of life in “The New World” began settling in the British colonies – including “Penn’s Woods”. In 1717, the predominantly German settlement of Providence (now Trappe) developed here in Montgomery County along the trail of the Perkiomen Creek. Lutherans in early Providence worshiped under the care of itinerant preachers, some of dubious credentials. They prayed for “their own” shepherd to lead the flock.

After several years of waiting for a permanent Pastor, the Reverend Henry Melchior Muhlenberg arrived from Germany in 1742 and settled in Trappe. In 1743, the congregation began building our “Old Trappe Church” using native stone and materials gathered by hand. In September of 1743, the first services were held in the building, and it was dedicated in October of 1746.

The “Old Trappe Church” stands today as a testament to the hard work and dedication of our ancestors. It is the oldest unchanged Lutheran Church building in continuous use in the United States. Services are held in the original building through the summer, on Christmas Eve, and weddings and funerals are frequently held in our historic Lutheran landmark.

The current church building, known to members as “The Brick Church,” was begun in May of 1852 to accommodate the growth in the congregation and to make use of the “state of the art technology” of the time. Updates to the Brick Church over the years include raising the nave to the second floor, adding the parish house, adding stained glass windows, and most recently, replacing the ceiling and adding air conditioning to the nave.

We are very proud of the hard work and accomplishments of those who came before us and strive to continue God’s work today. The Augustus Family is made up of a cross-section of our community joined together with the common goals of worship, fellowship, and service in the name of the Lord. Weekly worship, an active Sunday school, Adult Bible Study, and the Alpha program are some of the ways we endeavor to deepen our faith and praise God together.

Organizations within the congregation work at social ministry – community service – in many ways. Service at Augustus includes activities such as collecting and serving food to the hungry, collecting goods and donations for local, regional, and international charities, supporting missionaries in Africa, assisting with disaster relief, helping women in crisis, participating in mission trips, and contributing to the welfare of children and senior citizens in our area. We host several community events each year and provide meeting space for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, as well as a number of other local non-profit organizations.

Where do you fit in? Ask an usher, a Sunday School Teacher, or the person sitting next to you – we’d love to have you join our family!